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How did it start?

Our founder combined these expert skills in real estate investing and IT with their desire to make real estate investing easier, faster and more liquid than incumbent private equity funds.

His vision led to the creation of CUBE, a fully digitized institutional and symbolic real estate investment platform.

❝ Now available to all investors, through a unique technology ecosystem and investment business model, bringing real estate to as many people as possible. ❞

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Investing is no longer a luxury,
It's a necessity

Investment is simple, fast and accessible to all from €10, and is done in a few clicks.

We offer you the possibility of investing in several properties, of different natures, profitability, characteristics and locations.

Allow everyone to buy and resell these Cubes in our marketplace whenever they want.

Investment 100 % online
Annual profitability 5 % to 14 %
Opportunities rooted in the real economy

Questions and answers
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Cube is a fractional real estate investment platform. It allows you to invest from €10 in residential and commercial real estate in order to obtain profitability and diversify risk by multiplying investments without worrying about their management.

We offer you the opportunity to invest in properties that we have selected for their quality, their yield and their potential for appreciation.

When you buy Cubes shares. You invest via a royalties contract (also known as a contract for the assignment of future income), which entitles you to receive all of the net rents generated by the rental, in proportion to the capital invested, as well as the real estate capital gain.

This contract is particularly flexible, for 2 reasons:
1. It allows you to buy and resell your contract, free of charge. You will therefore be able to resell your royalty contracts on the marketplace that we are developing and recover your capital.

2. The taxation of gains only occurs when the total of your collected royalties exceeds the capital invested. Subsequently, the tax framework that applies is that of the flat tax (single flat-rate levy of 30%). The flat tax only applies to winnings.

You can sell your Cubes at the price you want. However, in order to avoid excessive speculation and difficulty reselling your Cubes, you will not be authorized to resell your 10% Cubes for more than the last estimate.

Cube takes care of both the acquisition and the signing of notary deeds, of rental management real estate, construction worksmaintenance or renovation, and the payment of property tax.

Of course not ! Cube takes care of all the administrative procedures as well as taxes and various taxes.
As an investor, you don't have to pay anything.

Cube takes a commission when financing the property. This commission is already included in the profitability calculations presented to you.


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Investment Renovation

LMP investment

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WARNING: Investments present a risk of partial or total loss of capital as well as a risk of illiquidity, the operational risk of the project may result in lower profitability than expected.

immeuble investiment immobilier

Up to #039;14% yield

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