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Cube est en cours d’immatriculation ce site est temporaire.
The first projects will be put online once the platform has been accredited.

The concept

The concept

Build your wealth, cube by cube.

Real estate crowdfunding is popular with investors for the low risk it represents.

Cube.top takes care of it from A to Z!

Finding Profitable Properties
Administrative procedures
Property Renovation
Property Maintenance
Property Management
Payment of Property Tax

Cube.top takes care of everything!

Select and negotiate the acquisition.
Cube.top takes care of everything

from A to Z !


Choose from the properties we have selected for you

- Quality goods
- Negotiated prices
- High profitability

The best good

You are free to choose your property.


Invest 100% online from €10

- 1 CUBE = 10€
- Evolution of the value of the cube
- Without engagement

Invest to Earn More

Make your money grow.


We believe in the power of compound interest

- Income paid monthly
- Benefit from regular income.
- Net of taxes

Every month

We pay you a fraction of the rent depending on the number of cubes you have.

Why invest in real estate with CUBE

A simple and profitable investment

The all-in-one platform for real estate investors:

Cube Advantage

Recurring Revenues
Capital gain
Time saving



Cube Price

Each Cube costs €10, allows you to receive a share of the rents, calculated on a pro rata basis.

The price of the Cube will be updated every 6 months depending on the attractiveness of the city, the real estate market, etc.


Rental investment

Investment Renovation

LMP investment

Crowdfunding Real Estate


CGU - Cube

Terms - Payment

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WARNING: Investments present a risk of partial or total loss of capital as well as a risk of illiquidity, the operational risk of the project may result in lower profitability than expected.

immeuble investiment immobilier

Up to #039;14% yield

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